Son torn from father during ICE raid 3:40

Jimmy Rodriguez, 17, remembers watching his father being arrested and taken away during and immigration raid June 5, 2018 at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center in Castalia, Ohio.

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Winner of 2018 Associated Press Managing Editors Awards, div. I, best video, 1st place

Winner of 2018 USA TODAY Network Journalism Awards, 3rd quarter, digital storytelling finalist
Winner of 2018 Media Network of Central Ohio, Aug. MVP Award, 1st place

Judges comments “The video was simple but told the story in a way that captured the emotion and significance of a family torn apart by immigration policies including a teenager who after the raid became the sole bread (winner) for his family.”

Riders Unlimited rallies around ailing leader 4:30

1840’s dungeon and gallows 1:30

Freddie’s party: special dance 4:21

Freddie Bice was born with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes problems with social interaction. Every year, his mom throws him and his special needs friends a party of love and acceptance.

Winner of 2016 USA Today Network Journalism Awards 2nd quarter, div. III – finalist video

Judges comments: “You can feel the mother’s desire to provide her son with happiness through the interviews and wonderful camera work of a dancing Freddie Bice. The interviews keep the viewer engaged to the end. Through the interviews Corfman asks viewers to reflect on the families of special needs individuals and how joy is found in the little things in life.”

WWII plane 1:20

The way home for Miles 2:35