Winner of 2017 Ohio News Photographers Association, Nov. 3rd place photo story/essay


Tornado and fire three weeks apart devastate family 4:30

Yesterday a tornado hit the house. Three weeks ago, the pole barn burned down. Connie and Kevin Weyer are trying to put their lives back together and take care of their parents, who own the house in Townsend Township in Sandusky County.

Waiting to pick up the pieces, insurance after fire then tornado 3:42

The Weyer family hired a public adjuster to work as a buffer between them and the insurance company. It has been five weeks since their barn burned down, and two weeks since their house blew apart from the winds of an EF 1 tornado.

A family together, surviving the tornado 1:18

Every Sunday, the Weyer family eats dinner together at home. But on Nov. 5, there wasn’t any sports on they wanted to watch. So instead, most of them went bowling. Then the tornado hit.