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DOCUMENTARY Suicide: surviving crisis

1 hour 27 min. full-length movie about suicide

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Heroin: Face of addiction - 12 video series

Photojournalist Molly Corfman investigates the heroin epidemic in Sandusky County in an award-winning series of 12 in-depth videos. Hear recovering addicts, families, and law enforcement tell their stories.

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World War II: In their own words

Photojournalist Molly Corfman and writer Daniel Carson profile five local World War II veterans in an award-winning series for The News-Messenger and the News Herald in honor of Veterans Day. The veteran’s stories are captured in print, photos, and videos telling their stories in their own words.

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Child fights brain cancer

Diontae “Tae” Smith of Port Clinton had just turned four when he was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, a form of aggressive brain cancer with a low survival rate, generally considered incurable. Follow him in the fight of his life in photojournalist Molly Corfman’s award-winning videography series.

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Sheriff convicted on felony drug charges

Follow the story of Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer as he faces 43 charges, including 38 felonies, mostly drug related.

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Molly Corfman is a photojournalist with The News-Messenger in Fremont, Ohio. She has photographed for Denver Post, Orange County Register, The (Toledo) Blade, and Sentinel-Tribune covering Wood County, Ohio.

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Sports action

Football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track, volleyball, tennis and more.

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Watch news videos created for The News-Messenger and News Herald by Molly Corfman.

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Travel Photography

Molly Corfman has traveled throughout Europe and the United States. Her work is sold through exhibitions, art galleries, and online.

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Journey thorough an alternate created universe.

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Winner of 5 Ohio Associated Press Media Editor awards including best photographer

May 31, 2016 – Molly Corfman won five Ohio Associated Press Division I awards, including a clean sweep of the video category and first place honors for best news photo, at the organization’s annual competition.

Corfman’s first place video featured World War II veteran Charles Holcomb and his recounting of his struggle to stay alive as a prisoner on a forced march during the last days of the war.

The AP judges wrote, “Great video to go along with an amazing story. Well done, featuring raw emotion and detail.”

Corfman also earned second and third place awards in the video category for her stories on Sandusky County’s soybean harvest and the Hayes Presidential Center’s final Civil War reenactment.

She earned a first place award for best news photo, where Corfman captured firefighters battling a blazing house fire in Rocky Ridge.

For her second place award as best photographer, AP judges wrote “Photographer succeeded in capturing some of life’s more uncomfortable moments, including an arrest and losing a sporting event.”

Charles Holcomb, POW

Best video 1st place
Judges comments: “Great video to go along with an amazing story. Well done, featuring raw emotion and detail.”

Soybean Harvest

Best video 2nd place
Judges comments: “Good information, nice detail.”

Civil War reenactment

Best video 3rd place
Judges comments: “Great video of this event. Very well put together.”

house fire

Best news photo 1st place
Judges comments: “Beautiful, almost ghostly mixture of smoke and light.”

Molly Corfman is a photojournalist/videographer with The News-Messenger in Fremont, Ohio, and its sister paper the News Herald in Port Clinton. She has previously photographed for the daily Sentinel-Tribune, covering Wood County, Ohio, as well as interned as a photojournalist for the Denver Post, Orange County Register, The (Toledo) Blade, and strung for the Associated Press. Molly is a member of the National Press Photographer’s Association and the Ohio News Photographer’s Association. Molly lives her life through her viewfinder.

She asks “Why?” after each new answer, learning as much as she can, while visually communicating it all. She photographs for her own curiosity, assuming no expectations, and watches the story reveal itself. She enjoys visually taking people where they cannot go themselves, preserving fleeting moments, frame by frame, that we will one day call history. Molly hopes that through her photographs future generations will be able to share the joy and sorrow of the world happening around us right now.

Molly’s photography has been published in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and London Observer among numerous other print publications. Online her photographs have appeared on,,, and other online publications. She has been awarded by The National Press Photographer’s Association, Ohio News Photographer’s Association, Society of Professional Journalists, Associated Press Managing Editors, Hearst Journalism Awards Program, USA Today Network Journalism awards, Media Network of Central Ohio and Ohio Public Images.

Featured videos

From the 12 video series “Heroin: Face of Addiction”

Child fights brain cancer: 3 part series

Diontae “Tae” Smith of Port Clinton had just turned four when he was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, a form of aggressive brain cancer with a low survival rate, generally considered incurable. Watch Molly Corfman’s three part series following him and his family.

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